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Update Ver. 300


Added untradable globals for 25 silk to item mall.
Fixed holy knight avatar color
Changed required level to use global to 90 instead of 110
Adjusted stats of seal of moon items to be more powerful than level 115 normal items
Fixed some ingame bugs

Have a good day,
Relevation-Online Team

Update Ver. 297


-Added Vote4Silk System [ manage account tab ],
-Added Automated Events System every hour check forum for more information,
-Added D12 Gender Switch to Item Mall,

- Added Avatar,Devil, Angel Spirit Gender Switch to Item Mall,
Now you can switch gender any avatar/devil/angel

Added New 2 Uniques Level 125 (Karkadann & Khulood),
Drops ( Global, D12 Immortal, Gold Coin, Silver Coin, Arena Coin )
Silver Coin, Gold Coin, Arena Coin, Global Drop Chance 50% ( max amount 5 )
D12 Immortal Drop Chance 50% ( max amount 1 ),
Karkadann Spawns at Forbidden plain ( Alex South ) Every 12 hour
Khulood Spawns at Abu Mena Ruin ( Alex South ) Every 12 hour

Added Countess Avatar to Item Mall [ Available for 15 days only ] ,
Added Job Reward Status for Trades at Website * Manage Tab *

Have a good day,
Relevation-Online Team

Update Ver. 295


-Silk Mining,
Now you can mine silk and earn free silks from our website
* Manage account tab *

- Upgrade System,
Now you can upgrade any degree 12 seal of nova +8 to degree 12 seal of moon +0
with the same stats and blue
also you can now upgrade 3 of degree 12 advanced elixir class A to 1 of degree 12 advanced elixir Class B
Upgrade scroll can be found at Relevation Shop, Scrolls tab

Coins Rate,
Increased Isis/Anubis/Neith/Selket Silver/Gold Coin Drop Rate

Books Rate,
Increased Commanders Patch Sereness tears Drop Rate

Added Protector/Accessory Shop to Hotan ,
Selling Seal of Sun D12 Protector/Accessory for coins

Fixed Auto Equipment Coupon

Add Arena Coins Drop to Holy Water Temple Uniques

Changed Chinese Force Skill Source Therapy preventation from level 113 to 120

Fixed Uniques Scroll cooldown [ 6 hours ]

Have a good day,
Relevation-Online Team

Screenshot Contest - Signature Event


Don't miss our screenshot and Signature events to get alot of rewrads
For more information visit our forum

Signature event Click Here
Screenshot Contest Click Here

Thank you,
Relevation-Online Team

December Update! What to expect


Greetings Mortals, i will briefly describe the update we are working on adding very soon.

1- Adding Seal Of Moon 12 Degree Items to drop from Mobs.

2- Adjusting Seal Of Moon 12 Degree to be stronger than lvl 115 normal item.

3- Increasing the drop chance of FGW Books, Including Sereness's Tear and Commander's Patch.

4- Adding Silver/Gold Coins to drop from Uniques with a level 110 or more.

5- Introducing a new Unique. It will be level 125 that will give you alot of experience, Drops a random Seal Of Moon. and Drops coins.

6- Adding a new NPC that sells Seal Of Sun Armors. for Gold and Silver Coins.

7- Level 120 Uniques " Baal and Babilion" Will drop special items as well as a chance to drop Seal Of Moon weapons.

Stay Tuned! Update should be done by December 15th, 2017.

Thank you,
Relevation-Online Team.

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